Automation Developer

  • 1 Fundamentals of UiPath Platform

    Master the bedrock of automation with UiPath’s foundational tools.

  • 2 Advanced Development Skills

    Elevate automations with advanced techniques and strategies.

  • 3 Integration and Scaling

    Integrate automation into your enterprise and scale for success.

  • 4 Developer Certification Readiness

    Certification success with comprehensive training and support.

Automation Specialist

  • 1 RPA Strategy Development

    sophisticated RPA strategies to drive organizational transformation

  • 2 Advanced Automation Techniques

    Techniques and strategies to drive efficiency and innovation

  • 3 Integration & Enterprise Deployment

    Integrate RPA solutions into complex enterprise ecosystems

  • 4 Specialist Certification Readiness

    Certifications equipping you to lead automation initiatives.

Al Developer

  • 1 Foundational Understanding

    Establish a solid understanding of Al principles and technologies

  • 2 Advanced Al Techniques

    Dive deep into advanced Al methodologies and algorithms

  • 3 Al Architect Foundation

    Groundwork for Al systems with architecture and design principles

  • 4 Integration and Deployment

    Integrate Al seamlessly into existing systems and deploy at scale