Child Welfare & Digital Worker Solutions


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    Child Welfare Solutions & Stories

    Foster Family Applications

    Submitting applications for foster care licensing can be very time consuming because of the overwhelming amount of documentation required. We built an automated solution that takes over the manual work, reducing the process from hours to minutes. As a positive side effect the administrative backlog of applicants has been worked away, so new foster care families are available to welcome children sooner.

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    Case Report Filings

    When case workers spend time on administrative tasks, they are not spending their time with children and families. We found a solution for one of the most arduous tasks: filing case reports. Our solution: allows case workers to save case notes locally. Then our virtual assistant takes care of posting them to the appropriate state and local systems. This helped ChildNet save 20,000 hours of administrative effort. The case workers are delighted, as they have more time to help to get families reunited or find children a new home.

    Child Welfare Solutions

    We have many more solutions, and are also eager to develop custom solutions to solve your challenges. Our Grants for Good program offers significant price reductions to help realize your ideas. Download our brochure here or fill out the web form if you want to talk to one of our Child Welfare experts.

    CEO interview on Child Welfare

    Watch this interview where Boundaryless CEO Erik Gillet talks about Boundaryless projects that help children in need and the people who take care of them.