Our Approach

Many process improvement specialists offer Lean or Six Sigma skills, but miss the skill to leverage emerging tech capabilities. It is great to improve things, but do you want to miss out on all the new technical capabilities to make your processes more effective and efficient?

We offer a demonstrated improvement approach that leverages process analysis and automation. We train and upskill your employees and help deliver tangible results. Or as we like to say: insights, innovation, impact. This is called Intelligent Automation. We do not just do the same thing cheaper or better, but help find a better way to deliver what customers really want.

Use Cases for
Advanced Analytics

  • Reduced brokerage cost through advanced analytics modelling for an investment bank in the United Kingdom. Impact in excess of $5 million.
  • Optimization of bank levy charge models to be in line with new regulations in the United Kingdom. Reduction of manual errors >90% and full elimination of End-User Computing files.
  • Built advanced controls analytics for Risk and Finance data using Gresham Clareti in an European bank, resulting in 30% efficiency improvement and improved audit capabilities (full population testing instead of sampling).
  • Improved cash flow forecasting for a manufacturing company in the United States of America by leveraging Alteryx, resulting in improved accuracy and real-time management reports.

Use Cases for
Intelligent Automation

  • Accelerated new customer onboarding for a European car servicing company by 96%.
  • Designed a document understanding model for intelligent information extraction from large contracts (200-250 pages each) in the United States of America. 
  • Automated the monthly rebates calculation and payment process for a large business to business medical supplier in Europe, reducing processing time by 80%.
  • Performed 150 automation assessments for a large petrochemical company in the Middle-East, resulting in a transformation roadmap for the Finance function.


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