Advanced Analytics and Intelligent Automation Experts

Boundaryless delivers breakthrough results through our expertise in Advanced Analytics and Intelligent Automation.

We provide deep expertise to accelerate your automation journey.

Deep Expertise for your Automation Journey

Boundaryless is a niche consulting company providing solutions and resources supporting organizations in their (digital) transformation. We do this by providing what we call “deep expertise” as we employ some of the most experienced transformation and automation specialists.

Our main focus areas are advanced analytics & data forensics, intelligent process automation, and test automation. What makes us different is the deep expertise we offer. We employ some of the leading experts in our field. Therefore, we have a wide range of capabilities to support your program and your journey. Whether you are starting a transformation initiative, or whether you are looking to scale up further.

Boundaryless shortlisted by CIO Insider:
"Top 10 RPA Solution Provider 2021"

Impact we delivered

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Advanced Analytics & Data Forensics

We offer several solutions to help companies manage processes with large amounts of data. This can range from automation of controls to predictive analytics. Increasingly clients rely on us to help improve business processes and data that underlies these.

A specialized activity we perform is “data forensics”. By using a combination of data visualization and data/process mining tools we are able to demonstrate what really happens with the data in a process (as a starting point for making improvements). This capability has increasing importance for banks dealing with new regulatory requirements.

Intelligent Automation

We have a broad offering to help companies get started and move forward with Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”) and artificial intelligence. Whether you are looking for process redesign, intelligent automation or AI solutions tailored to you organizations, we can help!

We offer workshops to help select the best automation solution and approach for your organization and work with your teams to redesign and automate processes. We deliver tailored training for organizations interested to introduce teams to RPA and Artificial Intelligence. We also provide remote delivery capability and support.

Test Automation

Test Automation is a critical part of software development, and may take up 30% of the total time (and budget). Improving an organization’s test automation capacity will help accelerate the software release cycle.

We offer test automation solutions for effective and efficient automation testing. The tools we use make test automation easier, allowing enterprises to adopt and scale automation faster. For rapid results, at lower cost, and requiring fewer specialist resources than traditional automation approaches.


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