Our history goes back to 1999 when we first registered Boundaryless as our brand. Boundaryless is the name of a philosophy that problems cannot be solved with a single solution or technology. The better way is to combine ideas from different people and capabilities from different technologies. Leaders need to be boundaryless too: challenge fixed ideas that limit progress, and bring individuals together from different backgrounds to spark ideas and innovation. Together find a better way.

The capabilities of automation, analytics and artificial intelligence continue to grow. Today’s technical capabilities enable new levels of organizational effectiveness and efficiency. They make it possible to reimagine how works get done in, beyond the limitations of the past. Boundaryless thinking is what is needed. Boundaryless thinking is what we bring. Our experts help organizations find a better ways.

Advanced Analytics help process large amounts of (real-time) data for effective controls and actionable insights. Intelligent Automation can take over tedious repetitive activities, so humans have more time to add value and for personal interactions. Our team has deep expertise in these areas. Our partners are leading technology companies in these fields. Together, we help organizations progress on their automation journey.

We serve our clients in their countries. We also serve them remotely from Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.

Meet Our
Management Team

Our employee base includes experts in Alteryx (advanced analytics), Gresham (controls automation), UiPath (intelligent automation), Leapwork (test automation), data science, data forensics, and artificial intelligence.

Several of our employees have been awarded UiPath’s Most Valued Professional (“MVP”) status. Our MVPs ensure that we always deliver great quality and great value. These experts choose to work for us because of our “Boundaryless” culture.

We pride ourselves on being different than others. While we apply high standards to the experts we hire and the work we deliver, we also strive for diversity. Our team is a living example of this, with 7 nationalities and more than 50% female employees.



Boundaryless is a partner of several leading technology companies. These include UiPath and Gresham Technologies Technologies and Leapwork.

UiPath is the world leader in Robotic Process Automation software. Together we help organizations streamline and automate business processes. We see a trend towards solutions that integrate robots with workflows, document understanding and analytics.

Gresham Technologies delivers absolute data integrity in the most complex global financial environments. With them we have been delivering reconciliation solutions for Finance and Operations for various financial institutions.

Leapwork offers a visual, no-code platform for test automation. As an official partner we help

our clients improve their test automation capabilities.

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